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  • Investor Relations

    Committees of the Board

    1. Audit Committee (the second term: June 26, 2019 to June 25, 2022)
      Date of establishment: June 15, 2016
      Organizational Rules: Audit Committee Organizational Rules
      1. Work summary and operation situation:
      2. The audit committee of the company is composed of three independent directors. The audit committee aims to assist the board of directors in supervising the quality and integrity of the company's implementation of accounting, auditing, financial reporting procedures and financial control.
      3. The audit committee's main purpose is to monitor the following matters:
        1. Appropriate expression of the company's financial statements.
        2. The selection (dismissal) and independence and performance of certified accountants.
        3. Effective implementation of the company's internal control.
        4. The company complies with relevant laws and regulations.
        5. Management and control of the company's existing or potential risks.
      4. Audit financial report:
      5. The board of directors submitted the company's 2019 business report, surplus distribution proposal, financial report and consolidated financial report, which have been reviewed by the audit committee and found no discrepancies.
      6. Assess the effectiveness of the internal control system:
      7. The audit committee evaluated the effectiveness of the company’s internal control system policies and procedures (including financial, operational, risk management, information security, outsourcing, legal compliance and other control measures), and reviewed the company’s audit department, certified accountants, and management’s regular Reports, including risk management and compliance. With reference to the internal control system released by COSO-the integrated structure of internal control, the audit committee believes that the company's risk management and internal control systems are effective, and the company has adopted necessary control mechanisms to monitor and correct violations.
      8. Annual operation situation:
      9. 2020
      10. 2019
    2. Salary and Compensation Committee (the fourth term: June 26, 2019 to June 25, 2022)
      Date of establishment: October 21, 2011
      Organizational Rules: Organizational Rules of Salary and Compensation Committee
      1. Annual operation situation:
      2. 2020
      3. 2019
    3. Brief introduction of committee members
    4. The attendance of each committee: For the holding of the committee’s meeting and the attendance rate of each committee member, please refer to the company’s annual reports or "Market Observation Post System" (https://mops.twse.com.tw/mops /web/t100sb03_1) query.
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